Vision in Motion


Automotive High Definition Image Processor and SoC

Nextchip provides the top-class image processor qualified with automotive grades

  • Vision Tech
    Top Class ISP
    Cutting-edge Automotive
    Imaging Solution
  • Transmission Tech
  • AVM System Tech
    360° Monitoring / 3D AVM
    Automatic Image Calibration
  • Recognition Tech
    Vision-based ADAS Tech

Vision Tech

Core for imaging system : Image Signal Processor(ISP)

  • · Using image processing algorithms such as AWB, AE, WDR or NR, Nextchip ISP
    secures high video quality performance under low light or severe whether conditions

Automotive Imaging Solution

  • · Supports the Core Vision tech for Automotive Imaging System such as LDC (Lens Distortion Correction), Defog and etc
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Transmission Tech


  • · AHD™ is a unique transmission standard of Nextchip which is available to convey mass data in
    FHD quality even on conventional infrastructure and provides highly reliable and cost effective solution
  • · AHD™ enables visually lossless and long reach video transmission up to 500m
    AHD™ can be implemented on diverse cables such as coax or UTP
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AVM System Tech

360° All Around View Monitoring System in 2D & 3D

  • · As an integral part for vehicle safety functions, AVM synthesizes 2D/3D images of vehicles 360’ vicinity in bird’s eye view

Automatic Image Calibration

  • · Offers user-friendly maintainability and usability
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Vision-based ADAS Functions

Vision-based Recognition Tech

  • · Nextchip ADAS technology offers various vision-based recognition features e.g. Pedestrian Detection, Vehicle Detection, Traffic Sign Recognition, Moving Object Detection, Lane Detection & Etc
  • · In combination with Nextchip ISP technology, it ensures high detection rate under low light and severe whether conditions
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Requirements from Automotive Market
1.Product Reliability
2.Business Reference
3.Competitive Price

possesses a full line-up of automotive camera solutions to meet different demands of the market

OEM Interests

  • · ADAS Functions
    • Camera-based : LD, VD, PD, TSR
    • Stereo-Camera
    • Multi-Sensor : Data fusion
  • · Back-bone Architecture for Vehicle
    • Ethernet / AVB Protocol
  • · Enhanced Viewing System
    • HD LVDS Camera
    • HD AVM System
    • Side Mirror-less Camera System
  • · Standardized Benchmark Platform
    • Systematized Environment for Image Test
  • · Lower Carbon Emission for Eco Driving
  • · Lower Harness Weight
    • UTP / Other Cables
  • · Integrated Solution
    • Fewer Chipsets/ Lower BOM cost
    • Smaller Board Dimension

Nextchip solutions

Self-Driving Car
  • · Vision-based ADAS Solution
  • · Ethernet Camera Solution
Enhanced Viewing System
  • · FHD/HD Level Automotive Camera Solution
  • · Nextchip Benchmark Platform폼
Energy Efficiency
  • · Automotive AHD™ Transmission Solution
Cost Reduction
  • · Whole Nextchip Solution