Envisioning the Future


Image Processor

System to display, transmit and record by using various image processors

  • Vision Tech
    Top Class ISP
    Image Processing Tech for
    High definition of 4K UHD level
  • Transmission Tech
    Megapixel Image
    Transmission Tech
  • SoC / CODEC Tech
    Vision SoC
    Codec (H.264/HEVC)

Vision Tech

Core for imaging system : Image Signal Processor(ISP)

  • · Ensures that you get reliable outcome through AWB, AE, WDR
    and noise reduction even in the environment of low luminance and bad weather

Development-friendly Vision Technology

  • · Offers chances to experience Nextchip’s superior vision through
    development-friendly total solution technology and diverse sensors supported
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Transmission Tech


  • · As a unique transmission standard of Nextchip, AHD™ conveys mass data in HD quality
    even in conventional infrastructure and provides highly reliable and cost-effective solution
  • · AHD™ is applicable to coaxial, UTP and other various cables and adopts advanced signal filtering technology. With AHD™, visual loss-less and mass data transmission over 500m is no longer a dream
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SoC Technology

  • · Provided by SDK and operated on powerful CPU, this optimum solution for various
    applications ensures more efficient and convenient development and SoC

CODEC Technology

  • · Evolved over decades, Nextchip’s CODEC technology produces optimized high quality images better than FHD
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Requirements from Security Market
1.Technology Trend Setter
2.High Image Quality
3.Cost Competitiveness

provides core technology of image processing
for security cameras to meet various demands of the market

Security Market’s Interests

The World Best
Image Processing
  • · Advanced Image Pipeline Processing
  • · Optimized Image Enhancements
  • · Robust Color Reproduction
High Resolution
Video Transmission
  • · Maintains or expands conventional Infra
  • · Analog FHD image transmission
centered Technology
  • · Development-friendly Total Solution

Nextchip Solutions

The Highest Imaging Tech
  • · Video image technology proven in security market
  • · CI, AWB, AE , WDR, 3D NR, Defog
High Definition /Quality Transmission Tech
  • ·High Definition Video Transmission Solution
     powered by Nextchip
Customer-centered Tech
  • · Diverse sensors supported and optimum tuning
  • · Total solution of video technology for camera,
      transmission and DVR