Vision Professional

"Next Chip High Performance Imaging Technology is seeking. It will continue to grow as a leading semiconductor companies in the world, in an emergency
CEO of NextChip Kyoug Soo Kim

A fabless company that specializes in the design of the semiconductor chips for video security system,
was established in 1997.

With the goal of becoming the world’s number one company that specializes in video processing in mind, we have devoted ourselves to the development of the core technology for video processing.

The first item selected at startup was a video controller in 1998. The success of the world’s first video controller provided the base for the company. Afterwards, Nextchip expanded the video security market with its DVR video decoder and the image signal processor (ISP), and rode the subsequent wave of growth.

Presently, Nextchip, alone in the world, has all the key chips for image processing for video surveillance and has lead the market.

From 2011, Nextchip has launched automotive semiconductors integrating the video processing technologies from the video surveillance. Nextchip is ready to also soar to new heights.

With the High Performance Imaging Technology in mind, NEXTCHIP is determined to grow further to emerge as the world’s best semiconductor company.