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Dear Nextchip’s customers, I sincerely welcome all of you to

A fabless company that specializes in the design of the semiconductor chips for video security system, Nextchip was established in 1997. With the goal of becoming the world’s number one company that specializes in video processing in mind, we have devoted ourselves to the development of the core technology for video processing.

Recently, in order to establish itself as a technology-intensive automotive company for autonomous driving, we have attempted to have research manpower in the related business field and expanded our investment in the technology development throughout the whole country to become a global automotive company. Nextchip is growing into a stable and profitable company through partnerships with domestic and overseas customers through its differentiated technologies.

Advanced automotive technologies are leading a smart and innovative world. Until the day when Nextchip becomes a leader of the automotive technologies, we promise to run continuously with our spirit of challenge and of value creation.

Nextchip CEO       김경수