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With the 2 decades of know-how and expertise from security business, Nextchip delivers the core image processing technology for surveillance industry and facilitates high quality imaging under severe conditions.

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High Resolution Image Signal Processing

Core Tech
The core of the imaging technology – Color reproduction
Technical skills and long experiences of image processing gave rise to a reliable solution.

  • Receiving Bayer Inputs from
    image sensors, Nextchip ISP
    converts to RGB images in
    high resolution
  • Controlling Image Sensors,
    Nextchip ISP gains the
    optimum exposure for clear images
  • Automatically finds the color
    temperature according to light
    type and reproduces the color
    similar to what you actually see.
    Quickly processes information of
    various light and finds the
    optimum white balance.

Application Tech
Nextchip provides not only image processing technology but also specialized functions in each application for vivid and satisfactory images.

Noise Reduction
Erases sensor noise created in darkness
and provides clear images.
Wide Dynamic Range
Composes multiple images of backlight or multiple light
sources and provides visual images.
Detects the fog and provides clear images
through image processing.
Dead Pixel Correction
Revises error pixels of the sensor real time
and improves image quality.
Graphic User Interface
Provides user-friendly GUI which can support camera
information control in line with ISP, sensor and etc.
Parking Guide Line
With no additional system required, ISP can detect the angle of
the steering wheel and offers dynamic and static parking
guidelines with vivid and fancy graphic images.
Chroma Aberration Removal
Removes chromatic aberration resulting from
backlight or error of lens through image processing.
Lens Distortion Correction
Corrects distortion of images, which appears when
using fisheye or wide view lens and provides
the images of diverse angles without lens movement.
Motion Detection
Accurately and precisely detects a moving object or
human and indicates the information in a graphic.
Detail Enhancement
Generates high quality images by enhancing brightness,
chroma and sharpness through image processing.