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Your dream embedded SoC Platform

Nextchip applies embedded core technology IP and high functional safety H/W architecture to various applications such as automotive, IoT solution. It provides high performance, high reliable Next Vision SoC Technology

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High reliable Vision SoC Technology

Core Tech

Application Tech

Intelligent recognition engine
Nextchip ADAS SoC supports intelligent ADAS features.
It facilitates real-time and vision-based ADAS(Advanced Driving Assistant System) features such as LD, VD, PD and TSR,
that are crucial for autonomous driving
High performance ISP
Built in high performance ISP for upgrade Recognition Engine
Error detection & safety mechanism
Comply with ISO26262 for the safe HW/SW Platform
Automotive AVB(Audio Video Bridging)
Synchronized for high reliable automotive Ethernet transmission
AVB protocol support for minimized latency
User friendly development environment
Provide SDK, RDK, S/W for the finest development environment